Locket Care

How take care of your Sterling Silver Locket?

Your locket is an heirloom that will last for generations if you take proper care of it.  As all our lockets are sterling silver, daily wear, dust and pollution will tarnish your piece.  A quick polish with the included silver polishing cloth will restore its shine, and keep it looking its best.

    • Store your locket separate from other necklaces so that it doesn't tangle and keep it away from extreme heat, sunlight or cold temperatures.
    • As sterling silver tarnishes as a result of exposure to lotions and perfumes, take care when applying these products when wearing your locket.
    • Always remove your locket prior to exercising, showering and bathing.
    • Remember your locket is a necklace with photos inside!
      Please note that your photos inside your locket are NOT waterproof so your locket should never be submerged in water or silver cleaning solution.